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Tarde en el Zoológico! by JoseThompson: Animales! Tortugas
Manhattan in una giornata piovosa. by MariaFornaca: Manhattan vista dal battello che da South Ferry, va a Staten Island.
girlfriends by methyigit:
GREENHOUSES by LuisPereira:
Laghetti Pontini. by urby66:
The Toda House by Kimihiko Okada Japanese architect Kimihiko Okada designed the Toda House in Hiroshima, Japan.

From the architect

The site is located in a residential area developed on a gentle perch in Hiroshima, overlooking a far view of the Inland Sea and Miyajima. The land of this area is developed into platforms form with several levels. The architecture was requested to have a view over the roof of the neighboring house, standing one level lower, and to consider security, for the site is located at the edge of the residential area, and to leave some space for extension when the client opens a small shop in the future. To respond to the requests, the house is lifted from the ground. Like a bird’s nest, it called up architecture’s primary function of relief from disturbance. The house is open to the view and yet protected from the fear and environment. Slab and roof consists of one continuous plate. The variations of circulation and diverse spatial relations were achieved by placing a penetrating staircase. The extended plate made possible the future extension and softened the impression from the ground level. Spandrel wall changes its height accordingly to the thickness of slab. Together with the slab, the spandrel wall creates the continuous but various environments.

Architect: Kimihiko Okada
Photography by Toshiyuki Yano
Apartment in Ukraine by SVOYA Studio SVOYA Studio have completed the renovation an apartment in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

From the designers

A spacious one-room apartment in Dnepropetrovsk has been successfully converted into a two-room apartment without losing the visual volume. The owners of the apartment are a charming couple who brought up and raised children and created a “cubbyhole ” with our help that combines cosiness with functionality and manufacturability.
The idea of the planning of the apartment is to transform the kitchen into the bedroom with the necessary works and join the loggia to the living room with the kitchen. At the customer’s request the kitchen is located along the panoramic windows, the dining room is situated in front of the kitchen that can accommodate a lot of guests. The sofa area in the ensemble with built-in cupboard is situated at the entrance to the living room.
Natural materials and the combination of textures of wood, marble and surfaces of grey walls in the living room and compound blue color in the bedroom were used in the interior finishing. The felt wall creates special comfort and warmth in the living room. The bright and rich coloring decor, lighting and the carpet brighten up the general moderation of space. But perhaps the most remarkable and valuable accent of the interior can be considered the painting by Anton Sokolov which creats warm atmosphere in the dining room. The bedroom looks fresh and crystal clear and the composition of the rack behind the bed gives peculiarity to the interior and reflect ideologically the positive attitude coming from the family of customers. Lighting plays an essential role in the interior. Design models of lamps transform the interior not only with the help of light but also with the help of color.
All furniture was chosen given both maximum comfort and pleasant tactile sensation.

Design: SVOYA StudioDesign team: Denis Sokolov, Valeria Sokolova, Tatyana Lazovaya, Julia Martinenko and Artem Martinenko
Photography by Tatiana Kovalenko
Reflection by dalattraveler:
Circle by Ganna Design
Untitled by JenniferHarvey2:
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