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Corques Sofa by Lucie Koldova for PER/USE Lucie Koldova has designed Corques, a sofa made from cork and fabric for manufacturer PER/USE.


Corques sofa uses cork as a basic shell material.
This sustainable cork comes from production leftovers in Portuguese bottle cork factories. The sofa is defined by a strong, sparkling design; soft look going hand in hand with a timeless character and environmental awareness.
A curvaceous, organic outer contour combines the earthly coloured cork with the contrasting colourful Divina fabric from Kvadrat.

Design: Lucie Koldova
Manufacturer: PER/USE
Sakura Forest by azul_momento: Kyoto Botanical Garden
als Smartobjekt by yoda79ch:
Ab-ı Ru by nilgunkara: Kocaeli / Turkey
Total Lunar Eclipse by SeanParker: A mosaic showing the progression of the Lunar Eclipse tonight. More Lunar Eclipse Photos | Facebook Page | Google+ | 500PX | Flickr | Purchase this photo
A Faroe Sunrise by marcperrella: Early morning in the Faroe Islands
Tribeca Penthouse with Signature Design by Turett Collaborative Architecture
Heavy Metal by Hufft Projects Hufft Projects designed Heavy Metal, a private residence located in Joplin, Missouri.

Project description

Aptly named, Heavy Metal is a steel-clad private residence sited on eight acres of heavily wooded terrain. The client owns a steel manufacturing facility, and he wished to have his home reflect both his family business and his personal artistic background.
These desires became a critical component for the layout of the home. The residence was designed to be a single-level, gallery-like space in which the client could move easily—from home, to office, to studio—with strong connections to nature from each space.
The organic shape of the surrounding trees contrasts the hard-lined form of the home. To the right, a photo studio is clad in pre-cast concrete. The large front door defines the central entry. To the left, the great room is screened by perforated metal.
Heavy Metal is a contemporary take on the Miesian courtyard house, in a rural setting. In this instance, the courtyard is created as much by the landscaping and vegetation as it is by the architecture.
The skylights and sliding doors at the fireplace are characteristic of the best qualities of the house, plentiful natural light and a strong connection to nature. The strategic layering of glass and perforated steel shades the interior of the home and provides views of landscape around it.
At night, the perforated metal skin and the reflecting pool are illuminated, while the entrance is highlighted with a single can light. The ceiling plane of the living room seems to float above the glowing clerestory.
The kitchen anchors the large living space. The concrete countertop and blackened steel-faced casework appear minimal and monolithic.
A koi pond & band of river rock border the gallery hall leading to the the master suite.
The master bedroom features a palette of polished concrete, blackened steel and unfinished wood. In the master bathroom, the vanity and shower look out on a secluded reflecting pool.

Design: Hufft Projects
LOL by Andre_Villeneuve: A young squirrel laufhing ;-)
Sunrise @ Mahon Pool by yury-prokopenko: Sunrise at Mahon Pool, Maroubra Beach
Sydney NSW Australia
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